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USB Cable - The Standard for Connecting Computer Peripherals

USB cable connections were designed to replace conventional serial and parallel ports. They are found on just about anything: keyboards, mice, joysticks, telephones, scanners, printers, microphones, speakers, floppy drives, cameras, modems, CD-ROM drives and more.

Extended Length USB

USB cables are designed to operate at a maximum distance of 5 meters (16 feet). Fortunately, there are "active extension" and repeater devices which can extend this distance to 80 feet and more. Combined with a USB hub, connection of multiple USB devices has never been easier.

It's All in the Connector

USB cables and devices utilize three common types of connectors. The Type A "flat" connector connects to the host computer or an upstream hub. The Type B and mini B "house" shaped connectors attach downstream to the USB device such as a printer, camera, etc.

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